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Rimonabant is a drug that was specifically designed for weight loss as well a sobesity control. The drugs was referred to as an “inverse antagonist”. Rimonabant is a selective CB-1 receptor blocker which was first approved in 2006. Eventually the drug was aquired and sold by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals. For best alternative read about Adipex 37.5 mg weight loss solution
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Rimonabant was never approved for sale and use within the United States. In 2007, the drug approval within the United States was declined. The drug failed to demonstrate safety as well as effectiveness. However, the drug was approved and used within 56 countries for those looking to reduce weight.

The main reason the drug was never approved within the United States was due to the fact the drug was unable to gain approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All pharmaceutical drugs must be approved by the FDA in order to be used medically within the United States.

The drug soon proved to have numerous side effects. The medication did help countless individuals reduce weight. However, the drug also caused severe depression, psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts in some users.

In 2008 Rimonabant was withdrawn from the market in several countries. However, the drug was still being used in some places such as Sweden and India. It was discovered that the medication was also effective in helping people who were trying to quit smoking. In addition, Rimonabant also helped those addicted to drugs such as cocaine to reduce their overall drug craving.

Aside from weight reduction Rimonabant did have other useful effects. However the potential negative side effects seem to outweigh any positive medical use. The drug was available under brand names such as Bethin and Slimona. Had the drug been approved for use within the United States the brand name would have been Zimulti.

There are still several drugs on the market that are specifically used for weight reduction. Keep in mind there is no drug that doesn't have some side effect. Therefore, any drug especially diet medications must be used with caution. Diet drugs should be administered and monitored by a qualified physician familiar with the drug and its possible side effects.